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 Click below to see panoramic images of outside and inside the practice:

   Outside the practice:
outside practice

   The reception area and waiting room:

   A consulting room:
consulting room

 We are fortunate to practice in the multi-functional environment of Denny
 Health Centre in Carronbank House which is located right in the centre of
 the town.
 We share the building with our community nursing staff, physiotherapists,
 podiatrists, mental health nurse and speech therapists in addition to the
 local social work, one-stop shop, and
housing departments. A social work run
 Day Care facility is also on site.

 Important - from September 10, 2018 the street level door will be closed.
 More information here.
 We have eight GP consulting rooms, two practice nursesí rooms and a
 treatment nurse room and three other consulting rooms for the community
 staff to use. One of these is shared with one of our practice nurses.There
 is also a health education room and a practice meeting room. The waiting
 area is large and bright and leads to the reception desk and the
 administrative offices. There is a very large car park with disabled parking
 and access to our level by two lifts.