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                                  Practice newsletter May 2020

The latest newsletter contains news on the effects Coronavirus has had on the practice and how we are working. We have had a number of staff changes over recent months, and we also include some tips on how to help yourself during the lockdown.


                                 2020 and Coronavirus

 2020 has been a year like no other. Because of the Coronavirus, lots of
 things have had to change - especially the need for patients not to come
 down to the practice unless it is essential. When making a new appointment,
 the receptionist will ask the reason for your appointment.Please assist us by
 providing a brief explanation.


 Remember, if you have any new symptoms that are worrying you and that
 you canít solve yourself, we encourage you to seek help. This might be a
 new lump, persistent abdominal pain, a changing or bleeding mole, new or unusual
 bleeding, or a persistent change in bowel pattern. You will initially
 be offered a telephone appointment with the doctor who will arrange to see
 you face to face if necessary.
We are still open and here for you. Please donít ignore the early warning
of serious conditions.

New ways of working

For safety reasons, we have advised patients to avoid coming to the surgery unless
it is essential and agreed beforehand.

We are using telephone and sometimes video consultations for the vast majority
of patients at present.

 We are still seeing a small number of patients in practice and hope to gradually
increase this as lockdown restrictions are eased over the next few months.

Doctors are now wearing personal protective equipment (PPE ) including
masks - patients may also wish to wear masks or scarves when attending the surgery.

Social distancing is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Immunisations (apart from shingles) continue.

Blood tests -
 if you are being monitored for certain drugs or on warfarin this will continue, but may
be on a new schedule.

  8 week baby checks are continuing, you will be contacted regarding the arrangements.

We plan to continue yearly reviews of chronic conditions but these will be done mainly by phone by the Practice Nurses.

Ordering prescriptions:  Register to do this online or by email. See our
. Prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy of your choice for collection or delivery.

 Staff changes

As the practice keeps expanding, we have a number of new staff members, as well as many who have been here for ages!

We are delighted to welcome Dr Catherine Monteith as a new GP partner and our two new GP trainees, Dr Maeve Chestnutt and Dr Carla Trivers. Dr Lieke Tollkamp has now left the practice and is hoping to work abroad.

We also want to welcome Kay, our new receptionist,  Monika, our new trainee practice nurse, Alicia, our Mental Health Nurse and the team of Pharmacists, Hazel, Laura, Lynne,  Lynsey and Naressa. You may speak to any of them or maybe even meet at some stage.

 We also hope to get a new practice physiotherapist and nurse practitioner later in the year.

Access to practice

The main doors to Carronbank House are still closed. If you have to attend the Health Centre/medical practice, the only entrance is via the out-of-hours door, which is located at the left of the main front doors, across from the Strathcarron Hospice shop at the corner of Carronbank Crescent.

Please note that there is still no access from the main car park.

Help yourself during lockdown
For more information on what to do it you have a cough, fever, or your child is unwell?
Social distancing and dealing with an infection in the household.
Looking after your mental wellbeing and volunteering to help others. See: